Explore your saved Rules with Rulespace. From here you can create a new rule or share and re-run your saved rules generated from the ENA Advanced Search.

Log into Rulespace

What is Rulespace?

Rulespace can be used to save, share and re-run custom search queries generated from the ENA Advanced Search.

Log in to access and manage your set of saved rules.

Log in using an AAP Account

The Authentication, Authorisation and Profile service (AAP) provides a central log-in for multiple different services at EMBL-EBI (and can be used by other services and organisations as required).

You can register for an AAP account here.

Log in using a Life Science Account

Logging in with your Life Science account enables you to log in to Rulespace use your home or organisation credentials (including the options to log in with your Google, Apple or ORCID accounts).

To log in with LIFE SCIENCE, you first need to register for a LIFE SCIENCE ID.

You can register with LIFE SCIENCE here.

Create a Rule

To create a rule, you need to create a custom search query using the ENA Advanced Search service. Follow the step by step guide on creating a custom search query and defining the fields you want returned from your search.

When you are happy with your search click Search then, on the results page you have the option to save the search to Rulespace:


Share a Rule

You can share your rules with others by providing them with one of four following options:

1. The Search URL - you can copy and share a direct URL to the results from your rule search. This URL links directly to the resulting metadata in the specified format (TSV or JSON) (not to the results page) so can be used to programmatically access the results of the search if you wish.

2. The Rule URL - you can copy and share a direct URL to the JSON object of the rule itself. This can be used to programmatically access information about the search parameters of the rule as well as information on when it was most recently updated.

3. The Rule ID - you can copy and share your rule ID which can be used to repeat the search you have saved in the ENA Advanced Search service.

4. The Rule Name - all rules have to be saved under a unique name so you can also copy and share your Rule name which can then be used to repeat your saved search in the ENA Advanced Search service.

Please note: Whenever the results of a Rulespace search are accessed, the search is performed again, live each time, so if data within the archive has changed since the last search, the results can vary since the search was last run.

Accessing Rulespace Programmatically

The features of the Rulespace service can also be accessed directly via the API at:

For more information on the Rulespace API service, you can access the API documentation here.